DeVono specialise in advising commercial property occupiers with all the detail embodied in the Quality control and account sign off of a commercial fit out project.

Every project will vary in costs from what the outline budget is to what has actually been specified and ordered.  To assist with what can be a minefield of invoices and accounting, we will collate all supplier invoices and accounts and arrange these in a clear, transparent format which is easy to understand and documents all agreed requirements. 

The process starts at the beginning of the project by identifying what the budget allocation is and selecting suppliers to fulfil the needs of the project.  Throughout the project life cycle we will record all orders and payments.  This will allow you to check against you own budgets and accounting methods to ensure that every penny spent has been allocated correctly.

We will also assess claims for valuations and payments against the contract particulars to ensure that the agreed protocol and engagement is properly monitored.

Quality control remains at the heart of what we do.  Checking for good workmanship and ensuring a successful completion to a project means you can move in on time into a professionally completed environment.  We work closely with the supply chain to close our and finalise the practical phases.  Checking every step of the way during the on-site process ensures we identify quality control issues early and these are highlighted to the supply chain and are rectified prior to occupation.

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