12 million PCs ‘dumped’


In the last five years, Brits have failed to re-use or re-cycle more than 12 million PCs and laptops, according to a new report.

Research by Fujitsu Siemens has found that IT equipment contributes 39 per cent of the 1.8 million tonnes of UK’s annual waste.

The manufacturer said the situation is so bad specialised departments will be established at tips to combat the problem.

"Although one in four people do take their rubbish to their local tip, unless their laptop or PC is assessed on the site, there is no guarantee that it will be passed on for re-use or recycle," said Dave Pritchard, senior technology strategist.

"This is a huge missed opportunity. With the right facilities these thrown away units could easily be re-used elsewhere and those facilities need to be at the municipal sites where people drop off their waste."

Some city offices have introduced initiatives, which include printer cartridge and packaging recycling.