999 year long leasehold building acquired near Tower Bridge, SE1


DeVono Cresa have acquired a long leasehold interest in a commercial building on behalf of an Apple, Macintosh reseller.

Our client was looking for a freehold commercial unit to house its office and light industrial needs. We advised on locations and budgets with a decision being made that the SE1 postcode suited their financial and business needs best.

A number of properties were found but only one, near Tower Bridge, SE1 really stood out as offering exceptional value.

The negotiations was conducted by DeVono Cresa over a 3 week period until an agreed purchase price was reached and the legal process could then begin.

As is quite common, there was on-going trouble shooting with the landowners and developers that DeVono Cresa had to continually be in control of for our client and their solicitor to be able to overcome over several weeks. This severely tested DeVono Cresa’s capabilities to organise and assess this complicated process. There were at any one time 5 sets of solicitors involved in the process and they had to be coordinated and controlled.

Eventually, these problems were overcome and after a lengthy conveyancing process, exchange and completion was reached and our clients are currently fitting out their new building which the DeVono Cresa team are excited about seeing very soon.