After London office space opens, will Facebook expand to Ireland?


After announcing plans to open office space in London, there are rumours that Facebook may expand their office locations to Ireland, with the potential for office space in the area of Derry.

This is thanks to the new Digital Derry Co-working office space, which opens in Magazine Street next week.

The centre at Magazine Studios is a bold attempt to try to harvest the brightest new talent in the city – and get them working together.

The driving force behind the scheme is Digital Champion Mark Nagurski, who says the whole idea is to bring creative people from different backgrounds together to get them working.

“One thing we identified early on was that there are a lot of bedroom entrepreneurs, freelance web designers, developers or people designing games working in their bedrooms,” he says.

Perhaps the new Facebook or Twitter will be developed in the area, with fresh new talent being encouraged to take advantage of new businesses in the digital and technology sector.