Alternative solutions for office pains


People suffering because of poor posture at work could benefit from alternative therapies, it has been reported.

Workers suffering from neck pain could benefit from manipulation, massage and acupuncture, according to an international study by the Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 Task Force.

President Dr Scott Haldeman has warned that neck pain can be "associated with headaches, arm and upper back pain and depression".

Alternative treatments such as acupuncture differ from most traditional remedies as they target certain points within a person’s energy channels – these points are stimulated by a small needle and may be located some distance from the problem’s site.

The task force took data from Europe, the US, Canada, South America and Australia and recently published findings in the journal, Spine.

The incorrect position of chairs, desks and workstations can cause discomfort at work and employers should encourage workers to carry out workplace assessments.