Bad example for eco planning


Sting, a leading environmental spokesperson has been criticised by eco-campaigners because of his band’s carbon footprint, the Daily Mail has reported.

The paper quotes a leading environmental adviser who questioned the performers eco-credentials after his group, The Police were named as "the dirtiest band in the world".

The newspaper quoted John Buckly, an environmental adviser from, telling the New Musical Express: "The Police played lots of big stadiums – they need to be careful over where they play, and make sure it’s near public transport."

New offices are being constructed using sustainable materials and are sometimes designed to harness renewable power sources.

The Bahrain World Trade Centre was completed in 2007 and has three wind turbines integrated into its design.

When operational the turbines can generate more than 1000 MWh of electricity per year – enough to supply 11-15 per cent of the energy requirements of the building’s new offices.