BCO Speakers Predict Office Design Trends


The British Council for Offices (BCO) annual conference, 2010, was held in London on 27th and 28th of May.  The BCO, founded in 1990, is the premier forum for discussion of issues relating to the office sector. At this year’s conference, experts in commercial property, architecture and trendspotting made predictions about key influencing factors in the design of office space London can expect for the future.

Some speakers proposed that the social meaning of work defines the need for offices. Journalist Jonathan Margolis said ‘it’s still important to physically meet with people, which is why the office is alive and kicking’.  Others indicated that new technologies fundamentally affect office design: Jack Pringle, of Pringle Brandon, said that the ‘Facebook generation’ will ‘set the agenda for the office of the future.’

As a result of these design drivers, both non-serviced and serviced office providers must offer environments that optimize interpersonal communication whilst accommodating the latest technological developments.


Image: Flickr (Yos Wiranata)