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Please can you introduce yourself, and tell us how long you have been at DeVono for?

My name is Priya Mistry, and I have been working as a Marketing Assistant at DeVono for four months.


Tell us a bit about your background and family – it could be culture related, religion or anything else?

My grandparents were born in Gujrat, India, and my parents were born in East Africa; we practise Hinduism. I have a huge family, and we are very close; it’s fun to meet up regularly, catch up and eat loads of food, which is always a bonus! Having loads of cousins is like having several siblings, we have our own inside jokes and traditions. Being the youngest of course has its advantages there is always someone I can go to for support, family always have a special way of understanding you like no one else.

What does your culture / background / religion mean to you?

My culture, background, religion is very important to me; it has helped to shape my values, behaviour, and moral compass.


What was it like growing up, were you always in the UK, or did you live abroad at all?

I was born in London and have lived there all my life; it’s a great place to live as it is very diverse. Being around people from different backgrounds has made me realise the importance of different cultural perspectives and has given me a keen interest in learning and celebrating people’s unique backgrounds.

What brought you to where you are today?

I think the support from my family, they definitely encouraged me to work hard and learn from my mistakes.

And finally, how would you summarise DeVono in one word?

Understanding - DeVono is very understanding and multicultural.

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