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Please can you introduce yourself, and tell us how long you have been at DeVono for?

I’m Ruth Lynch, I’ve been with DeVono for 8 years.


Tell us a bit about your background and family – it could be culture related, religion or anything else?

I’m Irish born and bred. From a small town outside of Dublin called Leixlip. The rest of my family (one brother and two sisters) all live about 10 minutes away from my parents and the house I grew up in. I’m the one that got away. I moved to London in 2011 because I wanted to experience living in a massive multi-cultural city and immerse myself in something completely different to the tiny town, I grew up in. I had also studied to be a theatrical makeup artist in Dublin and planned to work on film sets but that never panned out as London rent is insanely high if you don’t have a full-time job, something I learned very soon in my first couple of months here. I love Dublin but felt there was something bigger out there for me and I moved here by myself with a suitcase and not much else. I have been here now for 11 years and have built a successful life for myself, but I still call Dublin my real home. I try to visit home as much as I can.

What does your culture / background / religion mean to you?

I am very proud to be Irish. I feel a deep connection to my Celtic roots (and even know how to speak some Gaelic. Is breá liom Éire!!) I think it’s important that the Gaelic language doesn’t die out. I love spending time in Ireland, there is a warmth and friendliness to the Irish that you don’t quite get anywhere else, and our sense of humour is unmatched! I am proud of my Irish heritage, and it is a core part of who I am (and I don’t mean Guinness and leprechauns, I mean Irish literature and the island’s rich history). Ireland is mainly a Catholic country, and I am technically from a Catholic family, however I am agnostic and respect all religions, I don’t follow a religion myself so I would not call myself a Catholic. Don’t tell my Grandmother that….


What was it like growing up, were you always in the UK, or did you live abroad at all?

Growing up in Ireland was fun and full of great memories. We weren’t rich, nor were we poor, it was somewhere in between, and I have a good grasp on reality because of my upbringing in Ireland, I like to think. I lived in Ireland until I was 24, when I moved to London and have been here ever since. I have some great memories of the nights out in my favourite pubs and indie clubs in Dublin. I still have a lot of friends in Ireland who I catch up with when I visit. I think that Dublin is an excellent city with so much history, some of it good, some of it very bad as Ireland had a lot of hardship before the 20th century (hence why the population is so low now) I would encourage people to read up about the history of Ireland if you don’t know a lot about the country.


What brought you to where you are today?

Growing up in a small town was fun and I had a great time with my friends in my teenage years. But I always felt like there was more to life than living in a small suburban town outside of Dublin and I always felt like I didn’t quite fit in because that life wasn’t for me. I always felt a little bit different. Settling down in a housing estate with a husband and kids wasn’t my dream and that is still the case today. I love to travel and experience other cultures (in particular, all types of food!!) I spent time travelling around Southeast Asia before I made the decision to move to the UK to a big bustling city. London is one of the greatest cities in the world and I have had some of my best life experiences here. Although, it would have been New York if it wasn’t so far away from my beloved Ireland!

And finally, how would you summarise DeVono in one word?


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