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Please can you introduce yourself, and tell us how long you have been at DeVono for?

I’m Stephanie, a Director at DeVono. I specifically run the sales team here and have just entered my 10th year at the company!

Tell us a bit about your background and family – it could be culture related, religion or anything else?

So I was born in Venezuela and moved to London when I was 5 years old. My dad is fully English and my mum, who was born in Trinidad, has a very diverse mix of origins. My grandma is half Chinese and half Indian, she was born in Trinidad and my grandfather is Venezuelan with an Italian mix. All of these cultures, have been a huge influence on my upbringing, especially when it came to food!


What does your culture / background / religion mean to you?

I consider myself very lucky to have grown up with such an international influence. I have family all across the world and although I have grown up in the UK with just my parents, I have a very deep appreciation for family connections. Everyone is so dispersed, but we are still very close. It also means that I have been able to travel extensively and have had some amazing experiences. Recently I danced for one of the bands in Trainidad’s Carnival. This year I am planning a visit to Rio de Janeiro, where my brother has just moved to along with another trip to Wyoming where my aunt and uncle live on a ranch. My favourite thing is to travel with locals and experience the true culture of different countries.


What was it like growing up, were you always in the UK, or did you live abroad at all?

When we arrived to the UK, I was already bi-lingual so had no language barriers when integrating into the school system in the UK. We would travel every year to South America and the USA to see family. During University, I was accepted to attend a cultural exchange programme in China  - my application was about my Chinese background and 100 students were sponsored to travel and study in Shanghai by the UK government. I also lived in Lativia and Spain for work and education purposes on a short term basis and finally spent 6 month living back in Venezuela/Caribbean before starting work in London.


What brought you to where you are today?

I can’t pinpoint one thing but being exposed to a lot of international experiences as a child, forced me to learn how to relate to others and integrate well in different scenarios. As a result, I do consider that my adaptability and fearlessness of change has been a huge driver in my confidence to get things done.

And finally, how would you summarise DeVono in one word?


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