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“Let’s chat over coffee” – one of the most common pre-cursors to any get together. Coffee brings people together and as the days become colder and shorter – that comforting ‘cuppa’ is a must to get the day started.

Stereotypes suggest that Brits favour a builder’s brew over any other beverage but new figures released by the British Coffee Association (BCA) tell a different story.

“In the last decade we’ve gone from a country of tea sippers who enjoy the occasional instant coffee, to a nation of seasoned coffee connoisseurs exploring a large variety of roast and ground blends,” said Chris Stemman, Executive Director of the BCA.

We now drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee per day in the UK.

These flexible workplaces have onsite cafes, so for coffee lovers from all sectors, you can catch up with clients, colleagues and friends without leaving the building.


Below are our top 3 flexible offices:

Old Street, London, EC1V: 


Why we love it: This property is set within a beautiful Old art deco building and retaining many of its original features. In addition to the impressive shared office space, you can expect access to meeting rooms and break out areas that are free to use. This centre also has an onsite cafe, event space for hire, executive meeting rooms and hot desking space. Prices start from £350 per workstation per month.

Fitzrovia, London, W1T: 


Why we love it: The building is nestled behind Tottenham Court Road, close to the bars, restaurants and hotels, it has the most amazing modern interior perfect for all types of businesses. The onsite barista is always a bonus! Price from £750 per workstation per month.

Shoreditch, London, EC2 


Why we love it: The exposed Brickwork is why this property has made our top 3, it also houses an on-site coffee shop exclusively for clients which makes networking easy for any type of business. Price from £600 per workstation per month.


Things you might not know about Coffee:

  1. Coffee was originally a food – Coffee Berries were mixed with fat to create an energy rich snack ball. It was also confused as a wine when made from the pulp of coffee berries.
  2. Regularly drinking coffee may have health benefits such as reduced risk of illnesses like cancer, heart disease and alzheimers.
  3. Coffee stays warmer about 20% longer when you add cream.
  4. There is more caffeine in an average cup of drip coffee than in espresso
  5. Adding milk weakens the effect of caffeine
  6. There is a Starbucks at the Central Intelligence Agency, however this means your name will be not be on the side of your cup!
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