Brits face dangers and miss training


British workers are facing increasing dangers at work and have not received proper training, according to a new report.

The British Safety Council’s (BSC) ‘Safe and Sound?’ survey found that 51 pr cent of employers have not bothered to train staff, 62 per cent of employees had received little or no health and safety training and construction workers were most at risk.

"British bosses need to know whether they are doing the right thing," said Brian Nimick, chief executive. "The problem is that businesses, particularly those of a small or medium size, are overwhelmed by the mountains of confusing red tape."

According to the BSC, one worker is killed every day and one injured almost every minute – last year the country’s economy lost more than six million days due to injury.

"Businesses need clear and simple guidelines so that measures such as training for health and safety are seen as an asset, not a burden," Mr Nimick continued.

Health and safety advice covers a range of topics, which include PC use, first aid in the workplace and trip hazards found in the office.