Brits looking to stock market


Millions of Brits are looking to make investments in the stock market, according to new research.

Abbey has found that 6.6 million people are considering investing in equities while valuations are low.

More than half would prefer investments that have some form of guarantee, explained Reza Attar-Zadeh, director of savings and investments.

"Guaranteed investments offer the potential for higher returns based on stock market growth, but also provide capital protection against a further market downturn."

The lender found that more than 15 million Brits have invested in equity markets and 52 per cent of investors get their investment information from newspapers.

It revealed that people from Wales and the south-west are most likely to have stock market investments, but only 19 per cent of Scots try to make money this way.

Commercial property prices have fallen sharply in the last year, despite this London remains a centre for business and commerce and has always attracted top firms to its city offices.