Builders ‘losing sleep’ over economy


Builders and property developers are among the top ten professions losing sleep over the state of the economy, according to a new study.

Research by hotelier, Travelodge, has revealed workers in both jobs are getting only 6 hours and 24 minutes sleep each night.

”It’s no surprise that professions in the industries worst hit by the credit crunch come top of the charts," notes director of sleep, Leigh McCarron.

"We all know that money worries and job security are key drivers of stress which in turn, leads to significant sleep loss.”

Bankers also struggle to get enough rest, averaging only 6hrs 23mins. Worst off are transport workers and estate agents, who are managing only 6hrs and 16 mins and 5hrs and 50mins respectively.

Worrying about the pressures of work, planning on how to make ends meet and staying late at work are the leading reasons workers say they stay awake.

Advice from the National Health Service states reducing caffeine and alcohol intake, and getting regular exercise can all help promote restfulness.