Business ignoring eco advice


Businesses are ignoring environmental advice and have no plans to limit their energy bills over the Easter weekend, has reported.

It outlined a survey by MWB Business Exchange, which revealed one in five companies have no scheme in place and is ignoring the most basic eco-friendly advice.

"British businesses are constantly claiming they are going ‘green’ but it appears that along the way they’ve forgotten the most simple ways to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint," said John Spencer, chief executive officer.

More than a third of workers said they did not think all lights would be switched off and 83 per cent admitted they would not switch off computers and photocopiers.

Mr Spencer added: "It is completely unnecessary to heat buildings or leave printers on stand by when you know no one is going to be in the office for at least four days."

Excess emissions from energy sources and cars damage the environment, although Fiends of the Earth has claimed aviation is by far the most greenhouse intensive form of travel.