Century for architect


The world famous architect, Oscar Niemeyer, will celebrate his 100th birthday this week.

Known as the "Picasso of Architecture", Niemeyer has been involved in 500 schemes and is still working today.

His work includes the summer pavilion of the Serpentine Gallery, business property for Renault and the Mondadori editorial office in Milan.

He gained international recognition for his work in the re-design of the Brazilian capital, Brasilia and he likes to "design what pleases me in a way that is naturally linked to my roots and the country of my origin".

Niemeyer is regarded as one of the greatest architects of the 20th century and considers himself far younger than his age.

"I think of myself as no more than 60," he told the Guardian. "What I could do at 60," he said, "I can still do now".

London is full of critically acclaimed architecture – many of the capital’s new buildings are used for commercial lettings and office space.