Changing attitudes to office attire


The changing nature of the office has been underlined by a new survey of employers which suggests that the suit and tie is on the way out.

Research released by development consultancy the Aziz Corporation revealed that six out of ten offices now opt for a smart casual dress code rather than a suit.

Indeed, the proportion of offices which stipulate suit and tie has fallen to just four in ten, with the introduction of ‘dress-down’ days and more informal attire an increasingly common sight in the British workplace.

Professor Khalid Aziz, chairman at the consultancy, commented: "There is no longer a perception that we have to wear suits in order to be smart.

"Enforcing a suits-only dress code is seen as outdated and perhaps a little insular in an increasingly international workplace, an image which savvy modern companies want to steer clear of."

Among the other findings was the growing acceptability of tattoos, with 45 per cent finding this acceptable, although there were some issues considered out of bounds – 84 per cent agreed flip flops were not suitable for the office.