Charities going green


An increasing number of charities are taking out environmentally-friendly policies, suggesting offices in London need to go green to attract organisations.

Surveys carried out by voluntary services support organisation Every Action Counts have revealed that 52 per cent of third sector organisations that responded to it had an environmental policy last year, up from 27 per cent in 2007.

The figures show the importance of developing offices with strong environmental credentials, as more organisations look to consider their carbon footprint and environmental impact on the world.

Commercial property in London that is well-insulated and offers a high level of sustainability would be welcomed by organisations looking to meet targets on cutting their own emissions.

"New programmes, services and funding streams are urgently needed to help voluntary and community organisations lead the way to a greener future," said Mark Walton, head of programme at Every Action Counts.

London offices that offer a high environmental standard can help organisations meet their targets and focus on an eco-friendly programme.

The National Trust has launched a campaign which also aims to make London offices go green. The organisation wants employers to provide more plots for staff to grow vegetables.