Cheapest green measures ‘most profitable’


The cheapest and most simple measures can often be most effective when it comes to making your office space more environmentally friendly, it has been claimed.

Dr Chris Moon, head of sustainability services at Green Your Office, says that there are a number of very easy-to-implement and seemingly obvious strategies when it comes to boosting in-office eco awareness.

"The office can be the hub of a great deal of green activity for an organisation. Here, staff meet to plan business strategy, implement policy and make procurement decisions," he explained.

"Often the simplest and cheapest changes are the most meaningful. Switching to more environmentally friendly paper can save you money – and this outcome can be just a click away," he added.

Recently environmental agency Envirowise estimated that companies who take action for the first time can identify savings of up to £250 per employee in companies with city offices, or as much as £1,000 per employee for manufacturers with commercial lettings.