Chinese law firm set to launch office in London


Following the opening of recent bases in Hungary and Italy, China’s second biggest law firm, Yingke, have announced plans to open London offices.

The firm’s international practice partner, Catherine Guo spoke of the advantages of having a set-up in the capital would provide.

She said: “London’s a key location for us in Europe; it will serve as our headquarters for Western European business.”

“From the London office we can also enter into cooperation and relationships with firms and clients in neighbouring countries such as France and Germany,” Guo added.

Whilst the office will be maintained and operated, on a sole basis by Yingke, Guo was quick to add that the company would not be providing English legal advice, instead passing those matters on to their partner firms in the UK.

As well as opening a London office, Yingke also have high ambitions, with plans in place to launch over offices in Hong King, Japan, Australia and the US, as well as others over the next year.

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