Codeacademy to open international offices in London


Codeacademy has announced that it will open its first international offices in London.

The company, which is based in New York, offers free coding tutorials in six different programming languages. Since being founded in 2013, the company has partnered with both governments and education groups around the world, including in the UK.

It works with around 1,000 schools and two million people in the UK alone. The international office was opened as Codeacademy realised that in excess of 70 per cent of its user base – of 24 million – were based in 190 different countries.

Codeacademy has recently taken steps to encourage more people to learn to code by making the platform available in other languages.

Commenting on the company’s international approach, Zach Sims, CEO and co-founder of Codeacademy, said: “We want Codeacademy to be a gateway to better opportunities and a better life. In order to achieve this on a global scale, we have educated ourselves on the specific needs of learners in different places and understand that learning isn’t the same across the world.

“By working with partners in each country, we’re ensuring that we don’t just have learners in each country, but a robust community of learners, teachers and support to provide specific skills needed to succeed in anyone’s workplace,” he concluded.

By: Kirsty MacGregor

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