Commercial property investments ‘affecting high street’


Commercial property investments are indirectly affecting people through the high street, says financial expert.

Jason Butler, partner at Bloomsbury Financial Planning, says that while small investors may not be direct investors in commercial property, they are noting the change in fortune for retailers.

“[With] a lot of these high street retailers that have gone bang, you may not be directly invested in them but you are seeing the impact of very high rents, high rates and other squeezes which mean that you are starting to see empty shops,” he said.

According to Investment Property Databank figures, UK retail property returns were down by 23.6 per cent over the last 12 months.

Mr Butler explained that there is “massive oversupply, whether it be shops, offices or factories and there is less demand”.

This, he says, will continue to affect the value of commercial property as an investment.