Commercial property investments have “potential”


A handful of commercial property trusts have potential for future success, a financial analyst has claimed.

David Holding from has singled out two products, one from Invesco and a further from Kenmore.

"All property-related shares have taken a hammering this year," Mr Holding observed, "but this may have thrown up a few opportunities for those prepared to stick their neck out."

The board at Invesco recently announced it returned a 24 per cent dividend. The company said it intended to "maintain this level of dividends and to continue to make four quarterly dividend payments".

Its Property Income trust (IPI) mixes UK commercial property assets with other investments. Mr Holding warned that buying into IPI today is "effectively a gamble on whether or not you think the Trust will survive and maintain the yield", has reported.

Both commercial property groups and house builders have seen their share prices fall recently.