Commercial property market looks to go green


AMA Research have announced the publication of the 2nd Edition of the report ‘Commercial Office Construction Market – UK 2010-2014’, which provides a comprehensive review of the office construction and property market.  The report rediscovers the importance of “green” issues, as it analyses the central London office market as well as other prominent areas. The entire commercial property market is dissected to reveal the significance of the environmentally friendly office.

One of the key areas of the report is the sustainability agenda facing developers and clients in the office sector. With the rapidly booming London office market, sustainability has never been so important; however, whether such an imperative factor directly correlates to the worth of the property is not entirely certain.

Research conducted in the US this year demonstrated how environmentally certified commercial property are selling faster and for higher prices per square foot with the most eco-friendly obtaining prices that are 25% higher.

The “green office” is looking to become an essential trend in the UK, with buyers wanting lower utility bills, and the greater demand for higher energy efficiency that green commercial property provides. More potential buyers are now considering the extent sustainability could affect its valuation for potential future purchasers.

Commercial property occupiers may want to consider the ways in which their workplaces can become more environmentally-efficient for future prospects.

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