Communication is the key to a greener property market


Businesses occupying London offices and commercial property management firms are being urged to collaborate to advance sustainability issues.

The British Property Federation (BPF) has suggested that it is vital for landlords and occupiers to increase their communication to address sustainability issues.

A recent study by a leading UK property consultancy, showed that over 40 per cent of occupiers had almost no contact with their landlords over the last year about the carbon reduction commitment energy efficient scheme.

Ian Fletcher, director of policy at BPF, said that “there are a number of the big institutional landlords that have members of staff that are devoted to environmental issues”.

“There is no lack of activity and enthusiasm in the sector on sustainability issues” he commented, but added communication between tenants and landlords needs to improve, with both “working together to deliver the best sustainability outcomes”.

Investors are expected to put more emphasis on the sustainability of commercial property assets in the future, according to a London based residential and commercial property estate agent.

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