Councillor sets green standard


The new chief executive of Reading Council may do without a desk as part of a new environmentally friendly office design, has reported.

The borough is in discussion with architects, which could see its new city offices adopt a number of environmental initiatives that could spread to the capital.

The proposed design by Bennetts Associates would reduce carbon emissions from 100kg per square meter to only 25 and workers would share desks at the rate of three people to two desks.

Acting chief executive David Peasley said it was one thing he would have to explain to applicants for the vacant chief executive’s post.

Lulian Lipscom from Bennetts said the council chamber has been designed to encourage greater public use and it would "be a chamber appropriate to civic status without being lavish".

‘Hot-desking’ is usually associated with teleworkers who work shifts and share terminals. The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development has found "there is evidence that teleworking improves productivity, and reduces absence and labour turnover".