Crossrail complaints commissioner appointed


A new commissioner has been appointed to handle complaints about London’s Crossrail development.

Tony Gregory was chosen jointly by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and transport secretary Lord Adonis.

When completed Crossrail will increase the public transport links into London and its important commercial property.

"Crossrail will transform London by providing a massive economic boost and by making journeys for passengers quicker and more convenient," Mr Adonis said.

The transport secretary also insisted everything was being done to limit the disruption to the surrounding properties.

Mr Gregory should be well suited to handling complaints – he previously worked as an assistant complaints commissioner to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

The Crossrail scheme is Europe’s largest construction project. Inevitably some overground works will be seen in commercial property areas.

Mayor Johnson said that when issues can not be resolved by calling Crossrail’s helpdesk "it is essential that Londoners are protected and that issues can be referred to an independent adjudicator".

Once completed the rail service will carry passengers across the capital, taking them underground as it joins Paddington and east London.