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DeVono Cresa – Occupier Representation on a global scale

We are thrilled to announce the partnership between pioneering occupier-only commercial property advisors, DeVono and Cresa.

As DeVono Cresa we can deliver occupier representation on a global scale, giving our clients the ‘best of both worlds’.

We are now part of a global firm of more than 800 employees, in over 70 offices around the world. However, as we remain independently owned, we are able to continue providing local, partner-led expertise with a uniquely personal brand of service, designed to put our clients’ needs first at all times.


DeVono pioneered tenant-only representation in the UK 13 years ago. Founder Robert Leigh, identified a clear gap in the market — to provide objective, unbiased advice exclusively to corporate occupiers — never landlords.

Cresa, a commercial property firm headquartered in North America, has been acting with the same “doing the right thing” ethos for over 23 years. Today, with over 65 offices, Cresa is the world’s largest occupier-only advisory firm with a truly global reach, united in it’s mission to deliver professional, conflict-free service to protect the tenants’ real estate liabilities.

DeVono Cresa is the UK office for this mighty network.

DeVono Cresa Team


Our services are designed to help support the business goals of our clients with a real estate strategy designed to fit your needs. This new partnership enables us to do this wherever you currently have, or would like to have offices in world.

You can manage your commercial property strategy from a single point of contact, in the UK. And this works vice versa for firms expanding or relocating to London and throughout the UK.

“We’re committed to providing tenant-focused services exclusively, no matter where in the world our clients have real estate requirements.  For more than 23 years, Cresa has been the leader in providing services to occupiers only; and now we are pleased to expand our unique service delivery model in Europe, strengthed by DeVono Cresa while also growing in the Asia/Pacific region”, Jim Underhill, Cresa CEO

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DeVono Cresa HQ, 302-308 Regent Street, London, W1B 3AT


“We are excited to embrace an international platform with Cresa, a company that shares our business ideals while embracing our unique, no conflict, tenant-only approach to commercial property advice. With London holding its position as the global capital of commerce, this relationship will strengthen our joint positions on a global scale.” Robert Leigh,  founder and Joint CEO, DeVono Cresa.


If you are currently looking for new office space or approaching the end of your lease and would like to discuss your options call us on 020 7096 9911, email or visit

To get an idea of the commercial rent prices in London today, visit our Market Rents page to download your Q2 2016 guide. 

DeVono Cresa London Office Rent Guide


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