Dropbox launches app for Windows phones and opens London office


Aiming to profit from the expanding market of cloud storage, Dropbox has opened a new London office whilst launching its app for Windows smartphones. The cloud storage company has also bought the Israeli mobile startup company CloudOn.

Chief operating officer, Dennis Woodside stated: “We now have well over 300 million users worldwide, including 120 million users in Europe, the Middle East and America, adding that, “the UK is one of our biggest markets: it’s growing faster than the US.”

Dropbox anticipates that such expansion will continue into the coming months, having already obtained 100 million users in November 2012 and a subsequent 200 million users by the following year.

Businesses paying for cloud storage services from Dropbox has increased from 80,000 in July 2014, to 100,000 in this year.

Woodside added, “We believe the opportunity we’re going after is all three billion connected people on the planet. We believe all of them are going to migrate to a cloud-based platform in the ┬ánext five to 10 years. It’s a pretty big opportunity and an important one.”

In spite of the continuous debate about the security of cloud storage and rumours of Dropbox being hacked last October, Woodside has clearly pinpointed the security of their cloud storage as one of their greatest selling points.

By: Kirsty MacGregor

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