Employees may be offered the opportunity to buy their own office space


A global workplace has been launched by workspace provider Regus, and showed that large organizations predicted a decrease in the need for office space as a result of future work styles.

The survey asked 600 executives from around the world to gauge their thoughts on the current state of the workplace. They were asked about topics such as virtual working, mobility, collaboration, and utilization of office space.

Over half of the respondents (51 percent) indicated that the office will become a place for occasional use.

Philip Ross, Chief Executive Officer at Unwired said;
“As the utilisation of an office today is typically only 45 percent, empty desks no longer make sense in a world where mobility and agility will become accepted by people as the most effective and sustainable way of working.” The predictions indicate that there may be a shift towards people ‘buying their own’ workspace, with 62.5 percent of large enterprises surveyed already having looked into developments such as this as new ways of working.