Employees ‘want green offices’


Employees based in offices in London and other parts of the country are said to be enthusiastic about making their working environment more eco-friendly.

A poll commissioned by consultant Capgemini found that 42 per cent of the 1,389 workers questioned supported the idea of green measures in the workplace.

The figures suggested there were a large variety of reasons why employees were in favour of green offices in London including financial incentives and peer pressure.

James Robey, head of corporate sustainability at Capgemini, said: “Achieving the necessary change in business culture requires employee engagement and co-operation.

“From our experience, engaging employees and offering them simple, effective ways of changing their behaviours appears to deliver the most significant level of engagement.”

He added that the best way to achieve this in a commercial property environment was through “strong leadership from the top” along with “simple effective systems at the front line”.

Last month, the borough of Southwark showed off its new ‘green’ council offices in London, built as part of a Europe-wide scheme to cut carbon emissions through energy efficiency.