Employers: London is getting its Olympic boost


Businesses in London are already benefiting from a raft of newly signed Olympics’ contracts, a new study has found.

Research from employment agency, Adecco, published by, found 15 per cent of firms are working with the Olympics in some way and a further 15 per cent expect to in the future.

"The 2012 Olympics will be an exciting time for the UK and the lead up to the event will create a number of diverse job opportunities for a range of different workers," commented chief executive officer, Rene Schuster.

The recruiter’s poll of more than 1,000 FTSE and non-FTSE employees found 24 per cent see the potential for marketing opportunities as a result of the Olympics and corporate sponsorship (nine per cent ) and marketing (five per cent) are the activities most commonly undertaken.

Ms Schuster hopes the Games will encourage a "resurgence in trades where the skills deficit has been quite large".

Today’s National Learning at Work Day, organised by the Learning and Skills Council, hopes to urge managers to increase their commitment to work-based learning and help close the UK’s skills gap.