Europe should take green initiative


Most Europeans prefer environmental decisions which affect their workplace to be taken in Brussels, according to a new survey.

More than two-thirds of those polled by Eurobarometer wanted Brussels to take the lead and 95 per cent agreed it was necessary to take steps to protect the environment.

"An overwhelming majority of Europeans see harmonised European environmental legislation as necessary, and believe that the EU should help other countries improve their environmental standards," said environment commissioner Stavros Dimas.

The research revealed the top five environmental issues Europeans are most concerned about are climate change, water and air pollution, man-made disasters, and the use of chemicals in everyday products.

Interestingly, Europeans (64 per cent) thought that protecting the environment was more important than economic competitiveness and more than three-quarters are in favour of a European civil protection force to deal with natural disasters.

Computer manufacturers are investigating the production of energy efficient processor platforms. These can help workstations in city offices to use less power and reduce costs.