Eurostar: Trains cut travel emissions to city offices


Workers are increasingly taking trains to offices in London so they can better account for their carbon emissions, Eurostar has claimed.

The firm’s director of corporate communications, Simon Montague, says he noticed the development a few years ago.

Using the train generates ten times less carbon dioxide than flying, research commissioned for the operator has revealed.

“For businesses that are looking to cut their emissions from their travel activities, that is a very significant and attractive saving,” says Mr Montague.

The trend to be more environmentally aware and considerate of our environment “will truly continue and it is an ever growing public interest,” he noted.

For the business user, offices in London are particularly well serviced by overgrown and underground services.

The Eurostar offers direct train routes to Paris and beyond, and five airports give London its connections to the world.

Gordon Brown has stood behind the decision to build Heathrow airport’s fifth runway.

Heathrow is vital to our economy. It connects us to the growth markets of the future,” he said.