Fantastic value, short term offices found in Vauxhall, SW8


Our client, an online investment manager, was very specific about their requirement and needed a short term solution rapidly. They were out growing their existing office and with their continued success a resolution needed to be found to future proof the business.

Location was not a priority, but the budget was; so only short term cheap options were considered within central London. Approximately 10 buildings were viewed in total.

We undertook a detailed cost analysis to enable our client to make an informed decision on the right financially viable space. After shortlisting the favoured 3 options, we asked the marketing agents for proposals with a preferred option based on the financial offering available.

Negotiations continued until the right terms for our client, in line with market values, were reached with a 60% reduction on the quoting rent in their preferred building in Vauxhall, SW8.

The new office came in under budget which will accommodate our clients immediate growth.