Fixnetix announces second London office space


Fixnetix has announced that a second office space has been obtained to house the operations of its expanding staff. The move aims to better serve the company’s investment banks, hedge funds, market makers and proprietary trading customers.

The new London office space will be in the city and is the second London location for Fixnetix with their headquarters remaining in Victoria. The company currently has two US based offices in Boston and Chicago.

“As a thriving front office managed services provider for trading and data, our customer base depends on us for the quickest service and support,” says Hugh Hughes, Chief Executive of Fixnetix. “Adding a second London office helps keep pace with the growth of our global company and will positively impact business.”

The company offers both raw and ultra-low latency normalised market data services, as well as low latency trading access for member firms and sponsored trading access to over 60 markets.
Fixnetix’s direct ultra-low latency market data feed solutions are “fast, reliable and flexible, featuring best-of-breed high performance feed handler technology, dual ticker plant technology and unparalleled high bandwidth provisions”.

Feeds are available in multiple formats for quick and seamless integration, offering full redundancy throughout the entire delivery mechanism, and are provided on-the-wire reducing support and implementation costs and timeframes.

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