Government will show vandals ‘zero tolerance’


The government has pledged to adopt a zero tolerance approach to property owners who vandalise their own properties to flaunt new legislation.

Local government minister John Healey gave his support to local councils as they enforce new commercial property laws, which could benefit companies looking to rent business property.

"These reforms are good for businesses, the environment and most of all, good for our communities. No-one wants to live or work in a ghost town of empty offices and closed-down shops," he said

Under new laws, local government can order the completion of a development or a clean-up of it surroundings if it is causing an adverse affect on the area.

Mr Healey said he expected the property industry to adapt in a responsible manner, he added: "Commercial property demand remains high and there can be no excuse for deliberate dereliction."

From April 1st, empty commercial property will be liable for full-rate business tax, a move that should increase the number of available offices to let in London.