Helical Bar raises £27.7m for commercial property investment


Helical Bar has raised £27.7 million, which it will use to take advantage of increasingly attractive commercial property investments.

The firm announced a share issue for up to 9.9 per cent of capital, a move it said had received support from shareholders.

Helical Bar has said there is a strong case for investment and has already identified potential partners.

“We believe that the exceptional market conditions we are currently witnessing will present buying opportunities that arise only once or twice in a property career,” the firm said.

Commercial property values have plummeted because of the global economic slowdown.

However, this has made the market more attractive to investors hoping to benefit from future commercial property gains.

Consultants Aberdeen Property Investors (API) said foreign investment in UK commercial property is likely to increase.

“A strong recovery in performance is not unusual after a property market correction.”