Indian companies to get London office space opportunity


Indian companies will soon be offered a unique opportunity to acquire office space in London – thanks to the actions of a foreign direct investment agency.

Think London is putting in place an incubation service aimed at allowing Indian companies to get a foothold in a market that otherwise would be too expensive for them to consider.

"In December, we are launching a new service to offer subsidised office space to Indian companies in West London, half way between Heathrow and the financial district," Think London chief executive Michael Charlton is quoted by The Hindu newspaper as saying at a recent India/London conference.

The cost of the London offices to rent will initially be negligible, followed by a subsidised rate and then the full whack, he explained. Mr Charlton did not disclose the actual subsidy proportion or the criterion for budding Indian companies.

"We will have a balance score card which we would apply to every company contacting us," he said.