Infuriating office space behaviour affecting millions


The infuriating and unfair behaviour of co workers is making millions of peoples’ lives across UK office space a misery, says a new report.

A study from Britannia building society shows that commercial properties in London and other parts of the country are rife with petty feuding and consistently anti-social behaviour.

Using other peoples’ possessions, such as their coffee mugs, leaving communal areas in a mess and having to listen to workmates shouting over the phone are just some of the most irksome habits displayed by workers.

"It’s concerning to see that so many of us are affected by the unfair behaviour of people at work," managing director of member business at Britannia Tim Franklin commented.

"Considering we spend a large percentage of our time at work it’s worrying that nearly all of us feel stressed and annoyed by the people we work with."

The survey of 2,100 workers revealed that 60 per cent accused colleagues of claiming credit for work carried out by a colleague.