Island of Jersey set to open new central London office


The government of Jersey is set to open a central London office in order to promote the island and also protect its reputation.

The island’s chief minister, Senator Ian Gorst, has put aside a budget of £430,000 to help establish the office.

It is estimated once the London office is set up, it will then need more than £600,000 to cover the cost of staff and rental of the London office space each year.

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, said: “We have been planning an office in London for some considerable time. The UK is the country with which Jersey does the most trade and it is the country with which we are associated constitutionally.

“Our relations with the UK are more important than with any other country so we think it is important to have a presence in the capital city.”

At present it has not decided upon the location of its new London office, although it will be based somewhere in the centre of London. Its main function will be to facilitate the functions of government.

Sir Philip, who is responsible for the island’s foreign affairs, added: “Many overseas territories, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and so on, who have offices in London use their office in order to help students who are a long way from home and a similar kind of function might be fulfilled by the London office for us.”

Jersey is part of the Channel Islands, it is not officially part of the United Kingdom nor the European Union, but it does have a special relationship with the later and the former is constitutionally responsible for the defence of the island.

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