Italian crowdfunding platform opens office in Shoreditch


Italian crowdfunding music platform, Muiscraiser has announced plans to open a London office through funding it has secured.

The funding from Italian firm b-ventures and London firm Key Capital is in excess of €350,000.

It is hoped that the new London office – in the district of Shoreditch, in addition to its Milan headquarters, will allow Musicraiser to secure its presence in the international market.

b-venture’s Mauro Del Rio, said: “The Musicraiser team has a unique set of skills.

“On one hand, they fully understand the traditional music business; at the same time, they ‘get’ the new digital way, and they embrace it.

“In less than a year and with limited resources, they managed to set up and take off the ground what is now [a] leading crowdsourcing platform in Italy. We look forward [to] supporting them in taking this leadership outside [of] Italy.”

Established in 2012, Musicraiser has the same capabilities as other crowdfunding platform, with one big difference – only music-related projects are accepted. It aims to enable bands, record labels, promoters, live venues and many more to open fundraising campaigns. Backers of the fundraisers contribute money in return for benefits. Projects are only funded if they reach their goal total.

By: Kirsty MacGregor

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