‘King of Soho’ dies aged 82


Paul Raymond, known as the King of Soho, died yesterday aged 82.

Mr Raymond was a pornographer who invested in a huge portfolio of London commercial property and ran his empire from his Mayfair penthouse.

He was often criticised because of his publication of magazines such as Razzle and Men Only and once famously declared: "There will always be sex – always, always, always."

The Evening Standard reported his property fortune was estimated at £650 million and it is widely believed to have covered 60 acres of the West End of London.

He began his career as a producer and in 1951, he introduced the Festival of Nudes and later launched the Raymond Revuebar strip club.

Soho is known to be the centre of London’s creative media industries -, the more traditional finance and insurance firms are typically located in city offices in Canary Wharf.