Land Sec lets 20,000 square feet


REIT Land Securities has found tenants for 21,600 square feet of office space. London Bridge and Liverpool Street station are two of the attractions in the immediate vicinity of the building at 47 Mark
Lane, which also offers ready access to Canary Wharf.

Space on three of the development’s floors were let to different tenants. The property, which comprises almost 85,000 square feet, is now two-thirds let, with the new tenants paying a total of around £700,000 per year. The second and third floors are currently being refurbished, and further space will become available later in the year when the work is finished.

Two of the leases were nominally for ten years, with options to break at the fifth year. The other was a five-year deal. Speaking for Land Sec, Mark Bird commented, ‘The recent transactions highlight the
attractiveness of this office building in terms of location and quality.’


Image: Flickr (Alan Stanton)