Logistics firm’s carbon cuts


One firm has found an innovative solution to help the environment – print payslips on recycled paper.

By adopting the scheme, Logistics firm DHL Exel Supply Chain will reduce its carbon footprint by an estimated ten tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, Personnel Today has reported.

Working with Northgate HR the firm is believed to have introduced the UK’s first green pay slip scheme.

The company’s director of accounting, Anne Parris told the site: "When Northgate HR showed us that the pay slips are almost indistinguishable from a regular pay slip, and just as secure, with the same quality seal, the decision to switch was an easy one for us."

Simple practices at work can save energy and reduce running costs – using both sides of printer paper and turning off computers are two examples often used.

Businesses who are serious about reducing emissions can apply for grants from the government-sponsored Carbon Trust.