London Councils urges government to act on regeneration


The government has been called upon to do more to promote enterprise is in disadvantaged areas.

London Councils has said that more people would feel the benefit of regeneration initiatives should they do so.

Stuart Fraser, executive member for economic development at London Councils, said: "We want to ensure all Londoners benefit from the opportunities created by the capital’s economy.

"London boroughs are calling for more influence over where government investment is targeted to make sure the money provides the greatest return for communities."

He added that "more support" was needed to be offered to new start-up companies in disadvantaged neighbourhoods as by doing so "whole areas" could be revitalised.

According to the London Councils website, despite generating billions of pounds in revenue, there are "a range of associated problems" that are not so often seen.

Areas such as Stratford are seeing huge amounts of regeneration in London in preparation for the Olympic Games, which it is hoped will boost the value of property in the area.