London office spaces to be water cooler-less


A London borough has decided that all its office spaces should be rid of water coolers.

Islington council has decided to banish the H2O devices from all its premises – and has also outlawed bottled water, deeming both of them to be environmentally unfriendly.

The move, which is likely to come as a severe blow to the council’s office gossips, could save it as much as £8,000 a year on bottled water – as well as thousands more on paying for coolers.

"What sense does it make to have water shipped around the world to use in bottles when we can just turn on the tap?" Liberal Democrat council leader James Kempton, who proposed the ban, is quoted by as saying.

"London’s tap water is good, so to me bottled water is a mystery. It’s also a matter of the environmental damage caused by the transportation of bottled water, not to mention the production and disposal of the bottles.

"I’m proud that Islington is the greenest place in London and I’m calling on other councils and the Mayor to ensure that bottled water is not used in public buildings in the city."