London offices cater for European expansion


London remains a popular choice for companies looking to expand their operations and attract continental partners.

That is the message from one firm, software company LS Cable, which has just opened a new European office in London.

The move comes less than a year after the firm launched its Simple IT infrastructure solution and the firm says it is part of a strategy to use London office space as a means for expansion.

In addition to the London office, based in Chiswick, LS has also opened new offices in Reading.

Managing director, Min-Soo Kim, commented: "We are committed to building a successful business in Europe. Many of our European partners are based in the UK and it makes sense for our office to be here."

The last few months have seen the property market in the UK experience the first signs of slowdown in 2008, although the London office market has proved resilient.

Yesterday Derwent London, a major commercial property investor in the capital, said the market was "robust".