London offices urged to go green with vegetables


Offices in London and across the country are being urged to do their bit for the environment by setting up vegetable patches for employees.

The National Trust is launching a drive to increase the number of people growing their own vegetables and has called on businesses to do their bit by making it easier for employees to access vegetable plots.

London offices are increasingly being designed and built with environmental considerations at the forefront of planning and design, but whether many will have gardens ready for their employees is unlikely.

However, former BBC Gardener’s World presenter Monty Don said a communal vegetable patch need be no bigger than a small herb garden, but would provide the starting point for improving the amount of food sourced in the UK.

"If every household, business, office or factory dug up a patch of land there would literally be millions of allotments made available," he said. "This is just the start of something really big."

A recent study found that some of the most vocal celebrity green activists in London have poorly insulated houses of their own. Coldplay singer Chris Martin and television presenter Sir David Attenborough were among those with homes that were not well insulated.