Look to the office for green savings


IT companies should look to their city offices for green savings, Computerworld has advised.

Many companies have already looked at saving energy in their data centres as they use more power per square foot. However, the office uses the greater percentage of total power consumption.

Jon Weisblatt, senior product manager, power and cooling initiative at Dell, confirmed it is the office that uses most energy.

"If you look at overall power consumption, you’re seeing almost double for computers and monitors than for data centers," he said.

One solution would be for offices in London to install power management software, which overrides personal settings and puts computers in power-saving mode when they are inactive.

Computerworld gave five tips on how to make an office space greener. They recommend: conducting an energy audit, adopting power management; replacing CRT monitors; using slim Energystar 4.0 compliant equipment and printing more efficiently.